Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

real estate virtual assistant services

Being a real estate professional is not as easy as most people out of the business imagine it to be. Real estate professionals are usually chasing down appointments. But that’s not the end of their work. Managing their appointments, contacts, contracts, and property databases are important for them as well. A reliable assistant can manage these tasks with much ease and expertise. But assistants come with a huge price tag behind them depending upon their skills. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is cheaper and easier. We will focus on how real estate virtual assistants can help you take your business to the next level. You can start giving your appointments your main priorities without worrying about other things.

What is a real estate virtual assistant?

Virtual real estate assistants are much like actual assistants, but they assist from a remote location. Our virtual real estate assistants can do property details search, data entry and management, and cold calling including lead generation. But this is not where the services stop.

What our real estate virtual assistants can do:

  • Real estate data scraping: real estate data scraping from websites like Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle, and eBay is a tiresome task because it takes time. So, you can let our assistant do it for you with much ease! This can remove a lot of weight from your shoulder with quality results as well.
  • Real estate listings: listing websites such as Naked Apartments, Craigslist, Zumper, Zillow, etc. can get your apartment listing some traction. But listing the apartments can be tough as you have to create an attractive description to attract customers. Descriptions can be made and listed by our virtual assistant.
  • Introductory messages: Introductory messages can be managed by our virtual assistant as they need to have a friendly tone whenever you are approaching a renter. It will reflect your friendly services to them. The virtual assistant will also manage appropriate listings
  • Compiling reports and scheduling appointments: A real estate business involves appointments and tough schedules. Having all appointments arranged with morning reports is not something possible for a real estate professional. Our assistants can handle that for you so that you can take some time off. You deserve some time after all that hard work.
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  • Transaction coordination: Transaction co-ordination is important in real estate dealing because any transactional data if lost can cause a lot of chaos. Our real estate virtual assistant will get the transactional data right for you without any issues.
  • Social media management: social media is a great way of advertising properties as many people use social media every day one way or the other. Since most of the world loves social media, your posts are bound to get traction no matter the circumstances. Our virtual assistant will manage your social media so that you can put your mind into productive activities.
  • Data entry for real estate: data entry can help you manage your personal and professional data with ease. Data entry also includes creative writing sometimes and our assistant can handle that. Our virtual assistant will take care of all your data entry needs.
  • Skip tracing: skip tracing is an important task that can let you know about the whereabouts of a person you are trying to find. People can go by their day escaping responsibilities but proper skip tracing can give away their location. People are always connected to the internet and it’s almost impossible to not leave any online fingerprints.
  • Admin task: administration of an organization is important, and it is especially important in the real estate business. Management of online web pages and social media accounts are just beginner challenges.
  • Lead generation and appointment scheduling: lead generation can be important to find people who will be dedicated to your organization. As a real estate agent, you need people to share your details as a trustworthy source. Our virtual real estate assistant can generate leads for you and also schedule required appointments.


Real estate professionals are hard-working people who take pleasure in providing reliable homes. Reliable assistants can be a great benefit to hard-working real estate professionals. But you cannot just hire a professional assistant who will follow you everywhere. Full-time assistants take their days off to work for you so they are expensive. But real estate virtual assistants can do the same work for you and at much lower prices. If you take the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, you will not have to overwork yourself. You can trust our assistant who will charge you depending upon tasks ad hours.

Sharanjeet Kaur
Sharanjeet Kaur
i’m happy with the support and the deal i got from Virtual Corporate. spoke with the Virtual Assistant team helped me get exactly what i was looking for.
Debra Anderson
Debra Anderson
I want to say thanks to Virtual Corporate for providing such an outstanding digital marketing services.
Mark Benson
Mark Benson
Virtual Corporate did a awesome work. They helped me to bring my business online and really built a great online reputation, which is driving my business revenue so quickly. They really meant to be your good business guide in order to launch and promote digitally. Yes, I do strongly recommend Virtual Corporate’s virtual assistant to those people who are looking for introducing their business Digitally.

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